Breakout session added

August 24, 2010

2009 OLAC research award winners  Kevin Furniss, of Tulane University, and Morag Boyd, of Ohio State, will present “Describing Reproductions:  A Series of Decisions” as a breakout session.

Registration forms will be updated to reflect this; if you have already registered and you wish to attend Kevin and Morag’s session, please email me.


Change in breakout session offerings

August 18, 2010

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a breakout session on Graphic materials; however, we are excited that Susan Wynne, of the University of Wyoming, will be leading a session on Oral histories instead.

Poster sessions

August 9, 2010

We’re looking forward to a good mix of topics for our poster sessions on the morning of Saturday, October 16.  The following people are scheduled to present:

Anna Fiolek, NOAA Central Library, “Mapping, Cross-walking, Converting and Exchanging Oceanographic Metadata Information in Video Data Management System”

Cyrus Ford, University of Nevada Las Vegas, “Introducing SlotMusic and Guide to cataloging SlotMusic Based on AACR2 Chapters 6 and 9”

Marielle Veve, University of Tennessee-Knoxville SLIS, “The Streaming Guide to Cataloging Remote Access Multimedia: A How-to Virtual Manual for Catalogers”

Shelley Smith, University of West Georgia,” Creating the New Provider-Neutral Records”

Miriam Hudgins and Kristin Howard, Mercer University School of Medicine Library, “Cataloging Learning Resource Center Collections at Mercer University School of Medicine”

Kelley McGrath, “FRBR, Facets, and Moving Images”

Susannah Benedetti and Gary Moore, UNC Wilmington, “Law & Order: Implementing a DVD Security System at UNC-Wilmington”

Linda West, Northeastern State University, “More is better: enhancing access to classical music on CDs”

Valarie Adams, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, “M-M-M Good! Reclassifying a Music CD Collection into LC”

Our favorite side trips

August 4, 2010

Although the north Georgia mountains get a lot of attention in the fall, it may be the best time of year to visit the coast; it’s still warm, but the crowds have eased.

Savannah visitors’ guide

Tybee Island

Hilton Head Island

Jekyll Island

[If you do visit north Georgia, try routing your trip through Athens rather than Atlanta. It may take slightly longer, but you’ll avoid the Atlanta traffic.]

Another favorite place is the Pine Mountain/Warm Springs area, about two hours west of Macon.  With Callaway GardensFDR State Park, and Roosevelt’s Little White House, there are plenty of options, and it’s usually not especially crowded.  Try camping or renting a cottage at FDR and spending the day hiking, then heading to Callaway for dinner.

If you like alligators and other wildlife, it’s hard to beat Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

Reading ingredient lists…

August 4, 2010

I have a relative with celiac disease, so I’m aware that going gluten-free isn’t always easy in the land of deep frying. Nevertheless,  there are places to have a good meal.

The Middle Georgia GIG maintains a list of restaurants that are said to offer GF options:

The best grocery store for GF shopping is probably Yvonne’s Natural Market, 4123 Forsyth Road, Suite C.

On another dietary note, M Food & Culture has promised an article on vegan dining in next month’s issue.

Call for session reporters

August 2, 2010

Call for OLAC Conference Reporters

I will once again need several volunteers to serve as conference reporters. Currently, all sessions are available. This would include:

Pre-conference on NACO funnel training

Opening keynote speaker Robert Ellett

Closing keynote speaker Mac Elrod

Basic videorecordings workshop

Advanced videorecordings workshop

New video formats workshop

Streaming video workshop

Realia workshop

Electronic resources workshop

Cataloging for Special Collections (formerly Archival Materials) workshop

Basic sound recordings workshop

Advanced sound recordings workshop

Ebooks workshop

Graphic materials workshop

Form/genre headings workshop

Poster Sessions

Reports do not have to be exhaustive, only informative. Please review the reports for the 2008 OLAC conference in the December 2008 and March 2009 newsletters, which can be found at under Newsletters in the Publications & Training Materials section, to get an idea of what is expected. Your report will be published in the OLAC Newsletter, with your name and affiliation credited in the byline of your report. For those on the tenure-track or in other positions where publication is expected, your report can be used as a publication credit in a non-peer reviewed library periodical.

Additionally, your report will help to inform those who were unable to attend the conference and to provide a record of what OLAC does to support and enrich the professional lives of its members.

If you have any interest in being a conference reporter, please contact me as soon as possible at Please indicate your reporting preferences, if any. Thanks for your consideration.

Jan Mayo

OLAC Conference Reports Editor

Preconference is now full

July 27, 2010

We are happy to report that the preconference is now full.  We will, however, maintain a waiting list, so please contact us if you are still interested.